After five years and seventeen issues, and a great deal of hard work, we have decided to call it a day for Earthlines. We would like to thank all the contributors and readers whose support has made the magazine such a pleasure to produce.

The final issue 17 will remain on sale here until about the end of June, as will print back-issues as long as supplies last. Digital issues will remain available for the next few months.

We have managed to contact almost all existing subscribers and offer them either a refund or back-issues in lieu. A few emails inevitably bounced back and we have not heard back from a few others. So if you think you are due any issues of Earthlines after Issue 17 – please check your junk folders and/or get in touch by email:  We are doing our best to wrap up the project with no loose ends and in the spirit of generosity in which it was conceived.

‘Manages to do beauty and practicality in one place.
A rare combination and much needed.’

George Monbiot

‘A deeply intelligent publication, sensitive to nature and culture,
with what is perhaps the greatest quality in a magazine:

Jay Griffiths

‘A real point of convergence for many thought-tributaries
and philosophical paths.’

Robert Macfarlane

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