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Issue 1

Jay Griffiths, Paul Kingsnorth and Alastair McIntosh are among our contributors for the inaugural issue.

Issue 2

With contributions from John Kinsella, Margaret Elphinstone, Julian Hoffman and many more.

Issue 3

Sara Maitland, Tim Ingold and Jeremy Mynott are among the contributors …

Issue 4

Including contributions from Robert Macfarlane, John Lister-Kaye and Hugh Warwick.

Issue 5

Including contributions from Ruth Padel, Robin Lloyd-Jones, and Neil Ansell.

Issue 6

A special feature on ‘Women and Nature’ opens this issue.

Issue 7

An interview with Mark Cocker, and more work from the finalists in the EarthLines Essay Prize.

Issue 8

This issue includes an extensive special feature on ‘Men and Nature’.

Issue 9

Ian Stephen tells sea-stories, Sarah Thomas marries an Icelander, and Peter Reason contemplates Berlin, the Holocaust and the Crisis of Ecology. Poetry from Susan Richardson and others.

Issue 10

Including Katrina Porteous, Gabriel Rosenstock, and Jeremy Mynott.

Issue 11

This issue includes interviews with Tim Robinson and Polly Higgins.

Issue 12

Gerry Loose, Mary Reynolds Thompson and Kathleen Jones are among this issue’s diverse contributors.

Issue 13

Mark Cocker, Scilla Elworthy and Eóin MacAoidh offer interestingly varied worldviews …

Issue 14

Includes articles from Tom Hirons of ‘Hedgespoken’ and Julian Hoffman, and an interview with Costa-shortlisted novelist Melissa Harrison.

Issue 15

Includes articles from Neil Ansell, Donald S. Murray, Alex Klaushofer, and others.